Landlord/Tenant Disputes

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Civil and Commercial Mediation is an informal form of dispute resolution which allows parties in a certain dispute to negotiate an early resolution of their legal action. This is a better way of solving disagreements than other ways. For instance in a case of a dispute involving a landlord and his or her tenant you may need a mediator.

In a case where the landlord has an issue over the tenant’s actions or vice versa, mediation helps for the parties to have a chance to gain a greater understanding of their dispute and limit the cost.

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Mediation whether civil or commercial has its own benefits over civil;

  • It is too way far less costly than civil litigation in; the cost of time away from your normal work is minimal since mediation is conducted let’s say in a shorter period than civil. When there is a dispute between a working tenant and a business landlord. They will be able to come to an agreement hence spend less time negotiating on their rights.
  • Mediation is a much faster process than civil. Since time management between the tenant and the landlord, mediation sorts everything right and an understanding or rather an agreement is reached by both parties.
  • In mediation, the landlord and tenant are full participants and thus they can give out their own opinions and concerns unlike in the civil litigation. The landlord is able to give his or her own opinion on how he or she wants the tenants to do in his compound and the tenant also can negotiate on what is possible and what to adjust.
  • Mediation allows the landlord and the tenant to work together and reach a settlement solution and continue to work as a team in controlling other affairs that might affect both of them. They are able to set rules on what to do and how to do it.
  • In the case of a landlord and a tenant and there other things come into dispute mediation can be scheduled on the particular items without affecting the prior selected items. And in this case, it also saves on financial matters since civil litigation is not involved.
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