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Mediation for the following people -​

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These are just examples of the challenging situations many people find themselves in. If your marriage is on the rocks, Trusted Mediator will help you resolve your differences skilfully and efficiently.

Services we provide at Trusted Mediators

Child Related Issues

The court is mandated to provide help to parents having issues regarding the welfare of their child or children. It determines which party will stay with the kids and the amount of time the non-resident parent spends with them. You must have parental responsibilities for the kid to be eligible to seek a court order.

Residence order

Residence order dictates which party will live with the child and parents can have a shared residence order. A parent must convince the court that they are mentally and physically fit to take over parenting. The hearing panel will send officials to your premise to confirm that you have the capability to sustain a child.

Specific issue order

Specific issue order is another provision related to the welfare of a child. It deals with given issues that might arise in relation to the kid, including the religion or school to attend. The order specifies the steps to take when solving a particular question affecting parental responsibility for the kids.

Other Provisions

Prohibited steps order provides that the parent should seek the court consent when meeting their parental responsibilities. Parental responsibility order refers to the rights, powers, authority, and duties a parent has towards a kid. Contact order deals with the time parents ought to spend with their young ones after the relationship breaks.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions

Our Family Mediation Services

It is a more affordable as well as much quicker procedure than going down the legal path.

We have actually seen customers invest thousands of  pounds prosecuting in court.

Family mediation is small to pay.

Mums And Dads in the process can choose on participation child care plans despite the fact that they’re splitting up.

The procedure aids to minimize the unfavourable effect of the separation on the youngsters.

It takes place over a number of weeks so it is quicker than court procedures where you could be waiting a number of months for the initial hearing in court.

Through family mediation , you plus your disputant(s) can resolve differences in a more skilful and effective manner.

Throughout the course of mediation, you will discuss issues that are significant to you and settle on the outcome yourselves.

Family Mediation typically covers children and financial matters but can cover a lot more topics.

Both your interests and the interests of the disputant will be clarified with the help of a skilled, impartial mediator . The family mediation will only support open and constructive discussions.

However, we will not impose settlements on you Family mediation is not about advising you.

Family Mediation is a voluntary process that is cost-effective, takes less time and is more efficient than proceeding through the public courts.

There are some candidates that will certainly be exempt from participating in a MIAM .

If our company believe you are excluded, we’ll allow you to understand as well as you will not require a consultation.

Anybody that wishes to make a family court application should have a MIAM initially.

MIAMs can just be carried out by certified (FMC) family mediators like Trusted Mediators .

Family Mediation is for you

Trusted Mediation work with families to reach decisions in joint sessions after separation. Book your mediation assessment today.

Trusted Family Mediators recognize that separation and also splitting up are demanding and also can be a hard time in your life.

We boost interaction as well as collaborate with you to make it possible for splitting up or separation to be carried out in a manner in which does not ruin your family members.

Workplace Mediation Service

Workplace mediation is a cost-effective method for small businesses to resolve disputes without going to court.

In this type of mediation, the mediator will not only help the parties reach an agreement in the dispute but will also advise them on the benefits of a settlement that they can enjoy from both sides.

A common scenario for a small business involves a conflict arising between the managing partner and the employee over a performance evaluation.

Often, mediation will be required to sort out an impasse because of the need to satisfy the employee’s desire to be evaluated by someone other than the managing partner or his agent.

Therefore, a dispute is often resolved through mediation.

During this type of mediation, the parties will be informed of the benefits they will receive from resolving the dispute as soon as possible.

The benefits will include receiving a settlement in which the employee is in agreement with the partner. This will also reduce the risk that the case will continue on in the courts where the employee may be discouraged from working with the partner.

In fact, the decision is usually based on the relationship between the parties that may have been built up by the mediation session.

It should be noted that not all mediation cases are successful for small business.

The mediator must analyze the merits of the dispute in order to help ensure that it is best resolved before it reaches the courts.

Other benefits can be enjoyed by both parties at the end of the mediation. This includes the money saved on legal fees since the case is no longer going to the courts, the opportunity to win back the employee’s respect, and the reassurance that the small business is still able to carry out its business without having to pay for costly court appearances and expensive legal bills.

The first benefit of workplace mediation is that the parties will be in agreement on any issues that could be mutually agreed upon.

This process will eliminate some of the heartache and stress that may arise if both parties are trying to find an acceptable solution to a problem that did not arise from the small business.

The second benefit of workplace mediation is that mediation brings an end to the case.

The negotiation between the parties usually ends with the smallest difference in the final agreement and therefore, the parties will agree to have it worked out through a settlement and to pay the small business only the cost of the mediation.

The third benefit of workplace mediation is that it is much less costly for small business than litigation.

To get a settlement through a courtroom, the parties need to spend substantial amounts of money to have the case resolved and if it fails, they will have to pay the costs of the entire proceeding.

This could be an exorbitant sum for small businesses.

Thus, these are the benefits of workplace mediation for small businesses. It will allow the parties to keep their money, be able to negotiate in good faith and to reach an amicable resolution without spending too much money and be able to save time, energy, and money while getting a mutual understanding with the other party.

The fourth benefit of workplace mediation for small businesses is that it is usually cost-effective.

For a company of any size, it is usually not feasible to hire a professional mediator who will spend a lot of money to reach a favourable deal.

It is important for the small business to hire a skilled mediator who is experienced in workplace mediation.

To ensure that a successful mediation is achieved, the mediator should provide a level of support that is needed and should discuss various areas of concern so that both parties feel that they have their concerns addressed.

With the right mediator, it is easy to get the outcomes that are desired by both parties.

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Commercial Mediation

With commercial mediation, customers can get quick and hassle-free resolution.

The process of mediation is a more streamlined way to handle a dispute.

However, while this process is useful in resolving disputes between two or more parties, there are also several other benefits that customers can benefit from.

The consumer who chooses Trusted mediation will save money and time.

Often, it is the cost of hiring a mediator that creates the bulk of the overall cost. If you can find a mediator who is less expensive, you can save money. This also cuts down on your time and allows you to spend your money on other important matters.

Customer satisfaction with a mediator is another reason for choosing this method.

When a customer chooses to have a mediator, they are doing so because they feel that they are being handled professionally.

A mediator will also be one of the only parties that the customer is comfortable discussing the dispute with.

By allowing a mediator to discuss the dispute with the customer, a mediator can improve his or her abilities to help the customer resolve the dispute, so that it is more likely to lead to a resolution.

Customer satisfaction is also improved. In mediation, the other party usually has no problem with what the customer says or how the customer expresses their disagreement.

When both parties are on the same page, the relationship between them improves and the customer is more likely to keep using the mediator if the mediator remains one of the right people to handle the dispute.

The client who chooses mediation will have an easier time managing his or her finances.

The process of mediation gives the customer more control over his or her finances. With the ability to direct the mediation, a customer is more likely to keep up with his or her finances and follow through on a repayment plan.

Clients who choose mediation are also able to save money.

When you save money, you can use it to pay your bills. It may seem like an odd thing to do, but keeping up with your bills and making sure that they get paid is extremely important when dealing with credit card debt.

When customers make a simple decision, such as opting for commercial mediation , they often see benefits in the process. This is especially true for businesses, which are often willing to pay a certain amount of money if they are able to avoid a lawsuit.

When business owners and their employees and customers are able to work together, this can often save the business a great deal of money in the long run.

There are a number of reasons why businesses should choose mediation over full-blown negotiations.

For example, customers often do not know the laws that govern the debt that they owe. Negotiations can cause problems for the customers and their lenders because they need to put aside their personal feelings about the issue to make sure that they are following the laws.

While commercial mediation allows clients to work together and save money, the process also takes some of the emotions out of the process. By allowing the customers to come to a decision without letting the arguments begin, a mediator makes the process more professional.

The customer who chooses mediation gets better results from the process, which will likely result in a lower rate of payment.

For clients, commercial mediation is often cheaper than going to court.

A number of different issues are involved in a case, including liability and damages. A case can get out of hand in a hurry, and a few seconds of negotiating can end up costing the client thousands of pounds.

When a customer knows that he or she is able to get all of the information they need in the shortest amount of time, the customer is more likely to make a smart decision.

It is clear that there are many advantages that customers can gain from mediation.

By cutting back on the cost of hiring a mediator, clients can save money and time.

Customers who choose mediation are more likely to keep up with their finances and follow through on a repayment plan.

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Civil Mediation Service

For those people seeking peace of mind when choosing to resolve their conflicts, a civil mediation service is a very good choice.

Civil mediation services may come from the court, or they may be available over the Internet with a service like Trusted Mediators

As well as offering a quick solution for settling your disputes in short notice, this kind of mediation service provides legal representation on your behalf if you are unable to attend an in-person hearing or a session with a mediator.

Whilst a lawyer or an individual representing themselves as a lawyer is capable of performing mediation tasks, in my experience, those with legal qualifications tend to be more successful.

If you are having a personal injury dispute or property dispute, the time that you are going to spend mediating could be some of the most important time of your life.

The benefits that you receive from such mediation services will be some of the biggest and most vital benefits that you can gain from mediation.

Whilst the mediator will make a report to the parties, the mediator will not be in a position to punish the parties or provide your side of the story, which means that you are able can sit down at a comfortable and enjoyable pace and have a good deal of time to consider the matter at hand.

For instance, you will be able to choose the outcome of the dispute which is very important if you choose to seek a voluntary resolution.

If you choose to go to court, or if you choose to take your dispute to the small claims court you may find that you need to hire a company to do it for you, and then the trial period is going to be lengthy and you are going to be forced to spend money before it can work.

However, when you use the Trusted Mediators Civil service , you will be able to solve your dispute without using any outside companies or agents.

The mediator will make an unbiased assessment of the situation and make a report to the parties.

This report will then be used to assist the parties to form a clear understanding of the facts which is going to provide them with a better solution to the problem at hand.

Of course, the mediator will be under no obligation to provide an unbiased report, but you should be aware that this is a fact.

Any dispute that you choose to have mediated should be handled by a person who has expertise in this field and has experience in dealing with people in similar situations.

It is important to understand that when you decide to use civil mediation services, you will need to make sure that you find a good service.

We have a great deal of experience with mediating disputes between businesses. That is the best place to start your search.

It may be necessary to meet with a representative in person, and you may find that this is a much more difficult experience than you had originally expected.

Remember that when you are talking to someone face to face, it is often more difficult for a third party to understand what you are saying.

So while you may find that your phone is ringing at a regular basis, the first few times you talk to someone they may not know your business, so it is best to have a good amount of familiarity with the mediator before you proceed.

When you have chosen the services that are available to you, be sure to make a thorough choice and then stick to it. You should find that a good civil mediator will go the extra mile to ensure that you get the best deal that you need.

3 Reasons Why Civil Mediation Could Be a Good Idea

When a dispute arises between two individuals over a particular issue, they can have a Civil Mediation available to them in order to avoid having to make a legal battle with a third party. It is best to know that there are several reasons why you should consider Civil Mediation and not going through a court case.

One of the main reasons for entering into a Civil Mediation is to reduce the chances of getting a divorce. When an individual is at the age of thirty-five years old, it is most likely that they will decide to start a family. It is often not possible for them to get married or for their partner to agree to be with them.

The reason for this is because they have no one to keep their interest in mind except themselves, and they may become very stressed out about the whole process. Many times, a problem arises which could only be solved by having a divorce or a separation, but a person needs to see a professional in order to avoid things going wrong, which could end up in a whole lot of work and money spent by both sides.

Another reason for the use of a mediation process is when the parties involved would like to take legal action before having a divorce. When this happens, an independent civil mediator is called in order to help both parties to avoid having to spend any money on litigation as well as to help them to look for other options that would work for both parties.


Also, it is a great idea to use a mediation process if one party wants to get custody of their children. When both parents of the children are not able to come to an agreement, the child will still be living with the non-custodial parent. In this case, both parents are still needed to take part in the process in order to ensure that they can resolve the problem and reach an agreement on how the children will be raised.

You can also use a process when one of the parties is suffering from financial troubles and the non-relatives would like to help out. This can help a person to realize that there is a better way to handle their financial issues and that they can not let go of their current problems.

Now, if you are considering using a civil mediation or family mediation, you can start doing this right away. In order to do this, you can contact a Family Law attorney and let them help you in finding the best settlement for you.

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Equalities Mediation

Trusted Mediators Equalities Service

Equalities mediation is an advanced process for the resolution of the dispute.

There are different types of transactions that come under this category.

  • race
  • religious
  • belief
  • sexual orientation
  • gender
  • age

First of all, there is a dispute settlement process in the United Kingdom.

There is a standard for arbitration of disputes that are applied in all the UK.

It is called the Judicial Guideline. The Judicial Guideline will allow you to draw an appropriate law-suit decision, depending on the outcome of the dispute.

The claim resolution process is often required in the United Kingdom, in case you want to establish the settlement of any claim.

You may also apply the jurisdiction of the court of the country in order to resolve your dispute with the other party.

But try mediation first it costs less and is less stressful than court!

This is the judicial process that applies in the United Kingdom. The laws may not apply universally in the country, but the process is generally a practical process for resolving a dispute.

Equalities mediation is another type of transaction that is being used extensively in the United Kingdom.

The procedure that you need to learn is referred to as the “Bournemouth Policy”. This is a simple and effective procedure for the settlement of disputes, as it allows parties to find a consensus of the dispute before the matter is decided.

Equalities mediation is the procedure where parties decide on their agreement by using negotiation. In case you have met all the required requirements, you will be allowed to bring the dispute to a settlement.

Your mediator will be the one who will draw up a document, which contains the agreement that will serve as the basis for the settlement.

Once the document is agreed upon, the mediator will represent the claims or disputes of the parties and resolve them on the basis of the document.

It is important to remember that the proceedings for equalities mediation may take some time, as the parties need to take a few minutes to discuss their concerns. Usually, the parties will give a presentation, which will make the mediator well informed on the nature of the issues, as he will have very little time to listen to their arguments.

In the United Kingdom, if you cannot agree on the outcome of the dispute, you can hire a mediator to mediate the matter for you.

The mediation process has to be properly managed by the mediator so that he will be able to arrive at a fair solution.

We understand the psychology of the parties and the fact that they need the mediator , as they are very reluctant to state their grievances in a public meeting.

For more than a century, the first human rights organizations, such as the International Trade Union Confederation, the International Red Cross, and the Red Crescent Movement have seen the need for an agreement to arbitrate or resolve complex problems and many people have been affected by this belief. A family might need to file a case against a boss, a student for university fees, a poor farmer for failing to support his family, a student for not living up to his or her end of an agreement, a public servant for the delay in service or many other examples. The dispute can also be with a business or a country and there can be many arguments that arise to be resolved.

These early events prompted several governments and people to organize and create institutions to help resolve issues and equalities mediation has evolved to meet the demands of these organizations. In this process, those who are affected by the incident have the right to negotiate on their own behalf and a neutral mediator who is an expert in the field of labour or trade disputes is appointed to mediate between them.

There are various forms of mediation that are arranged in different countries. The only difference lies in the location that the mediator is sent to so you have to decide on this basis.

The mediators are usually the representatives of the national agencies and it is recommended that the person appointed to mediate in each country should have different backgrounds so that there is no bias and there is equality between the two parties. This can be done by the direct appointment of the representative of the national agency to mediate the dispute or the mediator can take a second option by asking the head of the national body to take responsibility for the mediator.

The mediator who acts on behalf of the mediator’s organization should try to reach a kind of an unbiased decision. The mediator should be impartial in his work so that he will be able to implement his duty and not betray the interests of any of the parties.

Once a mediator has been appointed, he has to ensure that all the parties are given the chance to have their views expressed. The mediation process must be supported by the administrative and legal systems and all the parties have to be given an opportunity to settle the matter and all the issues have to be clarified.

It is also essential that the mediator should be strong enough to stand the tensions and demands of the equality mediation. Each and every mediator have his own techniques and they are not meant to be just like one another. When all the parties have an equal chance to choose the mediator who will represent them, then there is no bias and everything is fair and correct.

Equality mediation will give equal chances to all the parties to voice their opinions and this is a good thing for the parties who want to win and prove their point. Once the arbitrator has heard all the arguments and opinions from all the parties, the arbitrator should be able to arrive at a fair decision.

Equalities mediation is one of the most important processes that is put into practice today. The mediator is the one who is appointed and the only goal of the mediator is to find a way of resolution between the parties.

This process can be found in different settings and the mediator is appointed by the organizations that are involved in the process. For example, the mediator may be chosen by the representative of the industrial and commercial organizations which means that the mediator will have access to other important stakeholders of the organization so that he will be able to make better decisions.

When people have to face many difficulties and they are losing their confidence, this is the best way for them to get back to their normal lives without experiencing so much stress. So if you are suffering from financial loss or you have some conflict with your colleagues, this is the right time to seek us from a mediator so that we can provide a mediator to solve your problems and get your confidence back.

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