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Help With Court Applications

1. When applying to court you need to try mediation .

The current protocol that applies in the courts for someone who is applying for a court application is required to attend a Mediation Information Assessment (MIAM).

This will give them the opportunity to learn more about the mediation process, talk about their situation in a confidential setting with a qualified mediator, and decide if it might be something that would be beneficial for them.

2. Court papers can be confusing and filling in them wrong can cause delays.

There are no fast track ways to get your court application through quickly, and it can be easy to panic especially at a time of heightened emotion. However, making a mistake when filling forms out for the court will likely cause delays.

Delays mean that it will take longer to process your application and you will have to fill another form out with the correct details.

We have legally trained specialists who can help

We have a specialist department with fully trained and qualified specialists who are on hand to assist and help couples undertaking mediation when divorce or separation is the cause. We will promise consultation in a safe and confidential environment where couples together or individually can be seen

Cheaper than Solicitors

It is pretty evident that mediation is much cheaper than taking issues to court. It is cost-effective, and a much quicker process than waiting for the court to accept your application. It is a preferred avenue to go down and without having to acquire a solicitor to negotiate for you.

Fast service

The mediation service is a fast one whereby it has the benefits of fast-tracking disputes in a non-formal way. The service is fast and voluntary if you are willing to resolve disagreements without expensive court costs.

Most common forms we help with C100 Children related, Form A Financial related, Form E disclosures, Divorce Applications.

We know that form filling can be quite daunting especially those that you may not be familiar with but we can help you through the application that meets your criteria.


The form C100 is an application under the Children Act 1989 for residence and contact. Form A is for a basic disclosure. Form E is for detailed disclosures whereby there is complex financial issues, /pagetemplate/assets/ or there is no knowledge of ex-partner’s finances. It is a more rigours process and a longer form.

When filling out a divorce application a copy of your marriage certificate will be needed because you need to file it with the court when you begin your divorce petition. Don’t worry if you can’t find or have lost your marriage certificate, you can order a copy from the General Register Office.

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