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Trusted Mediators Process

Specialist mediators providing an impartial, confidential approach to familes all over the UK

The Mediation Process

Mediation often helps people sort out matters that arise when a relationship is on the rocks.

It may include dealing with financial matters, arrangements for children, as well as bettering communication. See the areas we cover

A good number of people choose to negotiate their arrangements with the help of a mediator instead of settling their differences through the courtroom.

Trusted Mediation often helps families to minimise conflict and communicate better.

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Key principles of mediation

  • Voluntary- it is entirely up to you to make the decision to go ahead with mediation. You can decide if Mediation is the right approach for you with the help of a mediator.
  • Neutral mediators- the mediator will help you reach a satisfactory settlement without taking sides. He/she might likewise give you info concerning legal matters but will not give legal suggestions.
  • Confidential- everything that you talk about during mediation is private. This way, you can openly look at all of the alternatives available to you before making a decision regarding the right way forward.
  • Are you stuck in a constant struggle with your ex-spouse?
  • You maintain decision making- a mediator will work with you to find satisfactory and workable solutions that are fit for your family.
  • Takes less time as you control the discussion points- mediation takes days or weeks.
  • Less stressful

Who can use mediation services?

Our professional mediation service ​

  • Child – access arrangements, maintenance costs, parental decisions
  • Financial – property, pensions, assets, family/marital home, shares, savings, investments
  • Business – director/partner disputes, employee disputes

The mediation process

  • At Trusted mediators, we offer you the chance to book your assessment separately
  • A mediator will then contact your ex-spouse either by post or phone
  • After the assessment is complete, mediator arranges a meeting
  • You both attend mediation meeting (you can choose sole or shuttle mediation format)
  • As soon as mediation is finished, the mediator presents the both of you with some documents to sign and pass to your solicitor.
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