Sole and Shuttle Mediation Difference

Difference Between Sole and Shuttle Mediation

Depending upon your conditions, there are numerous means certified mediators can work with you to conquer a dispute. Co-mediation is a renowned option that includes two or even more mediators and various other parties. When there’s a dispute in between 2 people, this type of mediation is good to go.

Hybrid mediation is another type, which allows the specialist to conduct separate meetings with the couple. Aside from a mediator, there are lawyers involved. Other than that, what are the other kinds of mediation? There are sole and shuttle mediation. What’s the difference? Which is better? In this article, you will know everything about them. Let’s get started!

Sole Mediation

A lot of people are quite confused between sole and shuttle mediation. However, they are different. Sole mediation only requires a single mediator to work with people throughout the process. It doesn’t involve more mediators and lawyers to resolve a dispute.

Shuttle Mediation

Shuttle mediation is used in a situation where face-to-face communication is stressful and depressing. How does it work? Each party stays in a different room. Then, the mediator shuttles between them.

Shuttle mediation is used where the emotional impact of staying in the same room with the ex-partner could lead to difficult decision making and unnecessary conflicts.

This type of mediation happens when a mediator works with two parties to overcome an important matter. However, they don’t sit in one room together to discuss the issues and come up with the right solution. Click here to see the scenarios!

In this kind of setting, both parties will speak to the mediation specialist and relay their wishes. While this enables them to define success, this also gives them the chance to think of possible solutions.

When is Choosing a Shuttle Mediation a Wise Idea?

Whether parties agree to mediate or can’t discuss the issue face-to-face, shuttle mediation is a smart idea. It is also perfect for couples where a party suffered from domestic violence.

How is Shuttle Mediation Facilitated?

Just like the other types of mediation, shuttle mediation can be arranged in different ways. But it depends on what is more convenient and effective for each party.

In most circumstances, both parties will meet mediation experts and stay in a different room. Then, the former moves back and forth.

In other cases, the parties remain in their own homes, and the mediation specialist is the one who will meet them at their most convenient time. While others conduct shuttle mediation via webcam, it can also be held in hotels.

Benefits of Sole and Shuttle Mediation

  • Allows Each Party to Make a Good Decision

    – Talking to a partner who literally gave you a body pain is traumatic. With sole or shuttle mediation, an expert gives you the chance to avoid stress and decide according to your will.

  • Helps Keep Emotions Under Control

  • Suitable to Couples where a Party Experienced Domestic Violence

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Although there’s a variety of specialists to choose from, weigh all important factors in mind.

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