Solicitors Referral Mediation

Our Local Trusted Mediators are experts in family and civil mediation services. Resolve disputes quickly and avoid court with their help!

Why Refer Your Client?

So whether it is family issues, business issues or settling a dispute it is a lot cheaper to go to a mediator to help sort your dilemma. 

And of course ‘Trusted Mediators’ is a national company, so they have every area covered and you can rely on them to find the right mediator for you, who will be nearby and willing to get your issue/s resolved before you need to go to court.

A decision to see a mediator voluntarily (a court may refer you) is entirely up to you. A mediator will leave all the decisions up to you and will have a totally unbiased view on anything you discuss.

And anything that is discussed is done so in privacy and is completely confidential.

Solicitors recommend to couples, who are separating or divorcing, that they see a mediator before anyone else, to help resolve any issues before the expense and time of the courtroom. ‘Trusted Mediators‘ will steer you in the right direction of an experienced mediator in your area.

There is no denying the stress of the courtroom, but if you see a mediator you can make the discussion on your terms, you run the conversation without the interruptions of the courtroom and in a lot less time. And you have a great chance of not even having to enter a courtroom.

Any discrepancies with family members and or children could easily be sorted out of the courtroom by a mediator referred to you by ‘Trusted Mediators’. They know the most compassionate mediator for your particular circumstance, be it for maintenance payments, or access to your children. Even decisions and costs for schooling etc.

Going to court can make you feel very anxious and out of your depth. It also takes a lot of your time and, probably money. But there is an easier solution if you would prefer not to go to court or at least give yourself a chance to get out of having to go.

Mediation could be helpful for financial reasons such as property, investments, savings and assets, to name a few.

Trusted Mediators have the most knowledgeable mediators on their lists to deal with these tricky situations. For business problems that can be extremely costly if they end up in the courtroom, but can be resolved effectively and efficiently with a mediator.

Employee and partner disputes can be fixed at a minimal cost to you and your business without the hassle and inconvenience of the court system. Put your confidence in ‘Trusted Mediators‘ to do the work and find the mediator that is best suited to you.

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