Landlord and
Tenant Disputes

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Whether you are a landlord or tenant, there is a likelihood of some dispute to come up.

Some of the issues that may arise include repair issues, noise, lease renewals, upkeep, eviction or non-payment of rent among others. When such disputes occur, it is advisable to seek out ways of dealing with them.

While going to court is one of the solutions, it is usually advisable to seek out mediation first. An advantage of mediation is that both parties agree to a voluntary process.

With┬áLandlord and Tenant Disputes – Trusted Mediators both parties meet with a qualified impartial mediator.

The mediator listens to both of them and guides them in going through the disputes and coming up with a solution acceptable to both sides.

With mediation, both parties get to communicate with each other as they try to solve the dispute.

The chances of success in such a process is usually high since the process will be led by a trained and experienced mediator in such matters.

Unlike a court process in which cases are public, a mediation process is usually confidential.

This means that both parties can feel free to air their issues and be sure that their files and agreements will be kept strictly confidential.

Some of the other advantages of seeking a mediation process for landlord and tenant disputes are;