What can you do with Building Mediation Disputes?

Building and Building Mediation Conflicts

Disputes are common in building and construction sites. It’s no surprise because a project often takes a year or more to complete, which requires a growing number of contractors, subcontractors, and workers.

Conflict resolution can play a critical role in the building or construction industry as it helps maintain a good relationship between entities and other people who need to continue to work together. More than that, parties want to establish a lasting relationship to avoid other conflicts in the future.

As building and construction disputes arise, both parties turn to mediation to get rid of unnecessary costs and avoid other problems associated with arbitration or litigation. What makes this type of solution useful is that a dispute can be mediated while the project or litigation is ongoing. Click here to check our scenarios!

How are Construction Disputes Resolved around Mediation?

Before that, let’s understand the mediation basics.

Considered a private dispute resolution procedure, mediation allows both parties to work with a specialist to negotiate a settlement or resolution. As a neutral party, a mediator is well-trained and flexible to facilitate the session from start to finish. While the service is common to divorce, a mediator also has the right experience in the building industry.

So, how a construction dispute is resolved around mediation? Well, it’s not as complicated as everyone thinks. Affected parties will meet face-to-face. Whether they are co-contractors or co-workers, they have the freedom to say their problem. Depending on the situation, they will come up with a fair resolution. Just remember that a mediator cannot bind them to an outcome. In fact, the concerned individuals are the ones who will decide, reach an agreement, and find a reasonable solution to complete existing and future projects.

Mediation specialists are unbiased . All parties can express their thoughts, opinions, or sentiments without pressure, favouritism, and force. In litigation, on the other hand, is different. A party either wins or loses. Mediation allows people to communicate their stance and suggest a fair resolution.

Advantages of Mediation in a Building and Construction Dispute

Mediation has several benefits in building or construction disputes. Here are some of them:

  • The Potential to Acquire Bigger Savings and Get Rid of Other Unnecessary Costs

When contractors or workers reach a solution through mediation, they can avoid expensive litigation process . In case the dispute does not come to an end, considering the arbitration can be a smart idea.

  • Optimal Efficiency

The mediation process is quicker than court proceedings. More than that, each party can start the session as soon as possible, making the process more convenient and easier.

  • The Potential to Establish a Long-Term Relationship

Litigation for construction disputes can ruin a relationship. Mediation, on the contrary, can preserve a business relationship in the long run. Not only can it help finish the project on time, but it can also lead to successful results.

So, when a disagreement develops in a long building or construction project { name }, it’s wiser to select the services of a mediation specialist. It’s less expensive and quicker. Simply look for a arbitrator that has the best expertise and resources for your safety.

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